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The Space Cadet Set

Please note that all art pieces are listed newest to oldest.

Untitled_Artwork (15).jpg
Untitled_Artwork (14).jpg
Day Dream is a Sci-fi illustration of a woman astronaut resting against a Silver Beech tree and gazing up at a moon in self-reflection.
Mercury is an scientifically accurate astronomical art piece of Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun in our Solar System.
Space Cadette repeating pattern was designed to be mature and nerdy at the same time. Get your fill of outer space with the Horse-head Nebula, the moon,  astronauts, meteors, comets, and space shuttles. The Sci-fi nerd  in you will love the novelty of the robots and ray guns.
For the Love of Tentacles is a Sci-fi illustration of a unique interpretation of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. This green alien is enjoying the company of a jelly fish from Earth. On her visits to Earth she began to really like the creature, and decided to genetically alter one to live in her ecosystem.
Crash Landed is a Sci-fi illustration of a futuristic astronaut woman who has crashed on a desolate Mars-like planet. With ray gun in hand and an emergency beacon deployed, she sets out to find shelter.
Robot Boy is a Sci-fi illustration of a cute 1950’s robot. “Robot Boy, I found you on the moon, hidden deep in an ancient cavern. You were dusty and a little rusty, but everyone shines with a little care.” – Space Cadet
Zone is a Sci-fi illustration of a spaced-out stoner girl. The original space cadet is self-medicating to have a break from the isolation she feels in the little solar system she is stuck in
Unknown Spices is a Sci-fi digital painting of a feminine looking alien. It floats through the Multiverse in it’s industrial spacecraft, with a mysterious atmosphere. Destination unknown.
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