The Space Cadet Set
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The cosmos is infinite and there is so much to be learned about space phenomena and life in other universes. Do Reptilians really exist? Are there civilizations that are younger than us? When Rachel couldn’t sleep at night as a child, her father would let her cuddle up with him and watch Star Trek. In later elementary years, Ms. Beeson would rush her homework so she could watch Xena Warrior Princess. Her love of Science Fiction and Outer Space started with those fond memories. As time went by, she fueled that love with shows like Dark Matter and movies like Enemy Mine. 

     “Part of why I enjoy Sci-Fi so much is because I like seeing different possible futures. The question of what is scientifically possible is infinite, only controlled by our current technologies and understanding of how things work. I believe there is a lot to be serious about when it comes to the advancement of technology and exploration of outer space. Sci-Fi has always had a way of predicting and inspiring new technology.”
– Rachel Beeson
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The Human Condition
Martyr is a charcoal on paper illustration portraying Depression. The woman is inside a capsized boat and going to drown. There isn’t anything she can do about it so she accepts her fate.

     In the U.S we are taught to push it under the rug. Growing up that included our emotions and needs. Many from Rachel’s generation grew up as latch-key kids. Both parents worked full-time, and the children helped themselves into their homes from the bus. Not to mention the children whose parents got divorced.  Being parented by exhausted and stressed single parents is no joke. Even if they love their children, they do not have the compacity to be their best for their children. We all have parts of ourselves that we struggle with; parts of ourselves that we need to heal.

“I personally feel like our generation is saying, ‘Wait a minute… I AM important. I AM allowed to feel. My needs SHOULD BE met.’  We are fighting against the old-time stigma that Behavioral and Mental Health are unimportant. We are beginning to understand that we can follow our passions and not live in the shadows of our insecurities and self-doubt. I am working on this series to let you know that you are not alone. I personally struggle with Depression and Anxiety, which is an epidemic in the U.S. Why I am sharing my personal tribulations with you, is because I want to help break the stigma surrounding Mental Health. I am but a single voice in the cry of millions. Society will bend the louder we are.” – Rachel Beeson
Headwaters is a charcoal on paper illustration portraying the struggles with mental health. A woman is crying rivers, flowing from her dead eyes.

Photography allows us to instantly capture special moments in time. I do just that in my photographic work, focusing on Macro-photography of plants. The Ancient Beauty collection captures the small moments in nature that we miss in our busy lives, reminding us to slow down and breath. 

"Much of the world is caught up in the hustle of career paths, family, and personal finance. We are more stressed out than the generations before us.  Many have a Vitamin K deficiency from lack of sunlight. When I watch nature just BE, I am reminded that Slow Living is ok and that we aren't supposed to constantly be on the go. I want to share the beauty of our world, what we miss out on a lot of the time. 
-Rachel Beeson
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Rachel studied art since she was twelve with a dream. She had always wanted to be a Professional Artist. Today, that dream is finally coming into fruition. Ms. Beeson is a returning student to the University of Arizona. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art with a 2-D focus. 

"I feel humbled by studying the masters, knowing how much more growth lays ahead in my journey.  I am here before you, a student of art and a vessel for emotion to flow through." - Rachel Beeson