Artist Rachel Beeson at four years old painting in her childhood backyard.
Photo of artist Rachel Beeson in the Sonoran Desert

About the Artist

       Ms. Beeson lives in the beautiful south-western Sonoran Desert. She is an introvert who seeks tranquility and enjoys a yoga practice, hiking, and camping.  She has two cats and a snake. She enjoys listening to Doom Meatal and Psychedelic Rock while in creative flow. She believes in the #stopthestigma movement surrounding Mental Health and her Human Condition illustration series was created to help.  She nerds exclusively on Sci-FI and that is reflected in the RPGs and FPSs she plays, her selection of movies and shows, and her Space Cadet Set. Her enthusiasm for an inclusive and border free future for humankind is reflected in her love for all things Star Trek.   

Rachel Beeson


After finishing her Associates of General Studies and AGEC-A Certificate in Liberal Arts at Pima County Community College in her early twenties, she paused her education to parent and support her family. Years later after careful deliberation and a lot of research, she made the decision to return to school and transfer to the University of Arizona’s School of Fine Art. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Arts with an emphasis in 2-D art. In January of 2022, she accepted an invitation to the Arizona chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society, which is for exemplary transfer students. 

Rachel Beeson

Artist Rachel Beeson in the desert sunshine
Rachel Beeson with an in-progress oil painting behind her.
Rachel Beeson as a teenager painting
Rachel Beeson as a pre-teen with her two ribbon winning sunflower drawing.
Rachel Beeson as a pre-teen with a painting and drawing that were entered in a competition.

Artist's Statement

"The cosmos is infinite and there is so much to be learned about space phenomena and life in other universes. I create Science Fiction and Space art because it reminds us of how finite human life is and makes us imagine all the wonderful things we could discover in space. Scientific possibilities are infinite, only controlled by current technologies and understanding of physics. I believe we should be quite serious about the advancement of space technologies and exploration. Sci-Fi has always had a way of predicting new technologies. When I couldn’t sleep at night as a young child, my father would let me cuddle up with him and watch Star Trek. That show is, to this day, comforting to me because of how it portrays humans as accepting and compassionate. Part of why I like this genre is because it can give hope for a better tomorrow; one without sexism, racism, and judgment. I want to inspire awe with my astronomical art and have my viewers feel like Humankind can have a positive future."

Current Activities

Through 2022, Rachel is working on a series of Astronomical art in order to join the International Association of Astronomical Artists. Her hope is to learn from it’s other members and find genuine connections in the process. She is continuing to work on her Student Body of Work as well, learning skills and making connections with other Art students. 

Artist Rahel Beeson head shot