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The Space Cadet Set
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Loneliness is increasingly becoming a pandemic. Technology allows us to stay connected worldwide, but the value of these connections has decreased significantly. There is a reason why Mood and Mental Disorders like Depression and Anxiety are on the rise. The mission of Art by Rachel Beeson is to communicate the importance of interpersonal connection through visions of humankind’s future among the stars. We don’t have to go into the past to find what we have lost.

     “The possibilities of humankind’s future are infinite, only corralled by our current technologies, belief systems, and societal structures. Science Fiction has always had a way of predicting and inspiring new technologies, but beyond that, it has helped us peer into our very own future. I create my art to showcase an accepting and understanding future for our species. We should care for each other because we are all in this together. ”

– Rachel Beeson

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Ms. Beeson resides in the beautiful south-western Sonoran Desert. As an introvert she seeks tranquility, enjoys a yoga practice, hiking, and camping.  She has two cats and a snake. She enjoys listening to Doom Meatal and Psychedelic Rock while in creative flow. Science Fiction is the only thing she nerds on, and that is reflected in many aspects of her life, including her Space Cadet Set. 

Black Sky


After finishing her Associates of General Studies and AGEC-A Certificate in Liberal Arts in her early twenties, she paused her education to support her family. Years later, she made the decision to return to school and is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Arts with an emphasis in 2-D Art. In January of 2022, she accepted an invitation to her state's chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society.

Artist statement

I create Science Fiction and Space art because it reminds me of how finite human life is and makes us imagine the possibilities of Humanity's future. Part of why I like this genre is because it can give hope for a better tomorrow; one without sexism, racism, and judgment. I want to inspire my viewers to feel like Humankind can have a positive future, if we work towards it.

Black Sky

current Activities

Ms. Beeson's first art show!
Feb 19, 1:00 PM MST – Feb 20, 5:00 PM MST


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